I have given financial seminars and done financial counseling for over 30 years.  Part of what I've done is to teach people how to spend what they have earned more wisely.  There is a balance between the amount of time one spends trying to save money and how much they will save.  Hopefully, having the below links and information will make saving money easier for you.

   We are able to book most types of travel and make a fee as Travel Agents.  The tips I'm sharing with you below for hotel and car rental may allow you to get a better price than we can offer you.  If you appreciate the service we provide for free, we hope you'll consider using our company, Discount Timeshare Rentals, for some of your vacation plans.  We doubt you'll beat our prices.  Also, if you are ever booking a cruise or accommodations like a hotel and you aren't using one of the non-refundable options below, consider having us book it for you.


Mileage Plan:  If you fly frequently, get a mileage plan with every airline you fly with.  When we go to Hawaii, we tend to use Hawaiian air.  We receive about 2500 miles for the flight over and again on the way back.  A typical one way ticket will cost us 17,500 miles so it takes 7 flights for us to earn a free flight.  So overall, we'll save 1/7 or about 13% of our flight costs.  Each airline is different and at this point, we aren't in a position to research all the mileage plans.  Do also find out if your miles expire after a certain number of years.  You may find it better to pay a little more and stay with the same airline so you can get the occasional free flight.  Hawaiian allows you to use miles for one segment (the way over for example) and pay for the way back.
Finding the lowest cost flight:   Travel search links like Travelocity and Expedia are provided below.  Those can help you find which airlines fly to your location and which one has the lowest cost and most convenient flight times and connections.  They also allow you to search for 3 days before or after your preferred travel dates to see if the fares are better.  Travelocity also allows you to search for the lowest fares in a several month range.  I always start at a site like those.  You can also consider using companies like Hotwire or Priceline.  Most anything you purchase there will be non-refundable but typically airfare is anyway.  Before you buy or make an offer for airfare, read carefully so you know how inconvenient your flight connections may be.  We've never had trouble with either of these companies and have enjoyed substantial savings.


Car Rental

Finding the lowest cost car rental:  I typically start out with Travelocity.  They show the major providers, all the rates and car types and I'm able to quickly see which one has the best rates.  Typically, I'll book directly through them if I have any question about the need to cancel.  Otherwise, I've always been able to get the best price through Hotwire or Priceline.  Be aware that most of the highly discounted pricing you receive from these companies is no-refundable if you are unable to go.  If you choose to have a cancelable reservation, use your search engine to search for coupon codes.  For example "Alamo coupon code." 

Advantage Car Rental has offered a coupon code to my guests.  Discount here.


Finding the lowest cost hotels:   A site I learned about a few years ago that has become my favorite is Travelaxe.  It allows you to search by distance from any location or attraction and limit the search by rating, price, etc.   It also provides the best pricing between either travel companies like the ones below or the hotels own website.  I recently used and the room was supposed to have 3 beds and didn't.  I complained and they admitted their mistake and gave me a voucher good for a year for the entire cost of my stay.  Whereas I was inconvenienced, I am entirely satisfied with their response.


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